DOB    :   July 4, 1897
DIED   :   1924
ALIAS :  Aluri  Rama Raju, Rama Chandra Raju, and Alluri Seetha Rama Raju

                                                                            Sri Alluri Seetarama Raju is remembered as a great son of India in the annals of Indian History of the early period of the freedom struggle. Born on 4-7-1897, in a renowned kashtriya clan, he fought against the mighty British war-machine, leading tribesmen of Andhra Pradesh with old traditional war weaponry and sacrificed his life true to his clan in the battle field. 
                                                                            While he was studying at Kakinada he got his political contact with Sri Madduri Annapurnayya, a great freedom-fighter, and Rallapalli Atchuta Ramayya, a great scholar. At the age of 15, Raju was shifted to Vishakhapatnam for his studies. Though he had little inclination for school studies, he was very keen and began to accuire knowledge of political situation in India.
                                                                              Sri Alluri Sitarama Raju went deep into Gond land where nearly a thousand tribals had sacrificed their lives during the first war of independence in 1857. He attended theA.I.C.C. session at Gaya in 1916 and at Kakinada in 1923 and got blessings of the top-ranking leaders of India. raju inspired and organised the tribals to wage war against the British, Soon Raju's plan of action took shape with vigour and quickness, on 22/8/1922.
                                                                                         Raju's Army raided Chintapalli Police Station, on 23rd Krishnadevipeta Police Station, and on 24th Rajavommangi and captured a good number of guns, bayonets and cartridges and swords. He set free the revolutionary, Veerayya Dora from jail. The British Army got alerted and platoons of Police and Army were sent to capture Setarama Raju. At Peddavalassa, Raju attacked the British Army. They were defeated during this battle and suffered very heavy casualties and retreated. From That day onwards there was a regular warfare between Raju and the Britishers. Raju came out triumphant in all.

                                                                                  Virtually for two years from 1922 to 1924 Seetarama Raju ruled over vast agency area and became a terror to the British rulers. Later British rulers deployed big contigents of Assam Rifles and others. Fighting a fierece battle, Raju laid down his life and attained martyrdom 


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